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You can better support indie presses by purchasing books directly from them. At Dream of Things, you can get 25% off all books by using discount code “dream” at checkout, and get free shipping in the continental United States on orders of $35 or more.

She’s Not Herself
Linda Appleman Shapiro
Coming soon:
Any Road Will
Take You There
Coming soon:
another new memoir!
$14.00 $tbd $tbd

Betty’s Child
Donald R. Dempsey
Be There Now:
Travel Stories From Around the World
Swimming with Maya
Eleanor Vincent
$17.00 $12.50 $14.95
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Leaving the Hall
Light On

Madeline Sharples
Everything I Never Wanted to Be
Dina Kucera
Daughters of Absence
Mindy Weisel
$14.95 $14.95 $14.00
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MFA in a Box
by John Rember
The Note Gift Set (book, DVD, thank you cards) Saying Goodbye
a Dream of Things Anthology
$16.95 $10 $13.95
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Wisemen and Other Stories by Mike O’Mary
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