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Mike OMary 0912 low res - croppedMike O’Mary is founder of Dream of Things, and a writer of essays, fiction, drama and sketch comedy. He has published stories and essays in the Sunday magazines of the Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Baltimore Sun, Cleveland Plain Dealer and Detroit Free Press, and in Catholic Digest, and he was a regular commentator on WNIJ – Northern Illinois Public Radio, doing weekly commentaries as part of the local segment of National Public Radio’s Morning Edition program. He has also written and produced sketch comedy in Chicago.

Mike is a graduate of Knox College (BA in Economics and English-Writing), the University of Montana (MFA in Creative Writing, MA in English Literature), and the Second City Comedy Writing Program. In addition to his creative work, Mike has more than 20 years of experience in corporate communications, producing speeches, annual reports and other executive communications for many leading corporations.

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Jane Shortall March 23, 2010 at 5:35 am

Hello Mike

Your Dream of Things website is amazing, totally wonderful. It has a very fresh feel to it, also a lovely sort of fantasy appeal that really lifts the spirit, and the colours you use are great. I wish I could put together a site that looked so good. I also love the ‘Hello Friends’ opening too. There, what else can I say to express my admiration for what you are doing?

I write for some web magazines, http://www.seniorwomen.com being one of my favourites, and I would love to contribute to Dream of Things. I will send you a piece very soon if that’s ok.

Just to mention you had a note recently about someone from Ireland finding you – well, I’m Irish too, but I ran out of that corrupt little island to live in France, down in the very south, in the foothills of the Pyrenees. I’m in a tiny hamlet of only five occupied dwellings. It’s very peaceful, a fantastic place to be.

I have written a lot about life here, mostly for a rather upmarket Country Life magazine. I did that for four years and now of course am working on a novel, which is a challenge. I have so many ideas for things to write about that sometimes nothing gets done, that’s my problem. Endless notes and not enough projects finished.

I would love to have a fortnightly or monthly column which would introduce a deadline (and some income!) but in this recession I am afraid the word ‘freelance’ gets a negative response from most Editors.

However, I love writing. It’s what I adore about living here, having the time to do it. So, thanks for producing such a great site and good luck for the future.

Best wishes


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