Workshop Projects, Submission Guidelines and Payment Information

Dream of Things is currently accepting submissions of creative nonfiction stories for anthologies on a variety of topics, and proposals for book-length memoirs.

To submit an essay for one of our anthologies, click HERE. (Maximum length for anthology submissions is 2,500 words.)

To submit an excerpt for a book-length memoir, click HERE. (Maximum length for excerpts is 5,000 words.)

The anthology topics are listed below. Click on a topic for more details, including sample stories and videos. Submissions are open on all anthology topics until we announce a closing date. Subscribe to our free newsletter and watch online for updated information.

To get a feel for the type and quality of writing we’re looking for in our anthologies, please see Saying Goodbye, the first anthology of creative nonfiction from Dream of Things. Visit for more information, including excerpts from the book.

We also recommend MFA in a Box by John Rember. John is author of five critically acclaimed books and is a long-time teacher of creative writing, most recently in the Pacific University MFA program.

Before submitting an excerpt from your memoir or a story for an anthology, please read our Submission Guidelines and Payment Information.

If the submissions form doesn’t work for you, you can submit via e-mail to mike at michaelomary dot com – but please submit only one story per e-mail and put the anthology topic and title of your story (or title of your memoir) in the “subject” line of the e-mail. If you submit more than one story per e-mail, your stories will be returned to you unread. (We route and track submissions using your original e-mail, and if your e-mail includes more than one submission, it’s much more complicated to track things.)

When you submit a story via the online submissions form, you will automatically receive a confirmation message at the bottom of the submissions form page, and you will receive an e-mail confirming your submission. You will NOT receive a confirmation if you submit your story via e-mail to mike at michaelomary dot com. (If you want a confirmation, please use the online submission form.) After that, please be patient. Unlike some publishers who only respond when your story is accepted, we will respond whether we accept your story or not. Finally, be sure to add mike at michaelomary dot com to your contacts on your e-mail account so that our response doesn’t end up in your spam. Thanks!


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